D3 Users - What are your ACR Settings?

Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by ultravista, Jun 23, 2010.

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    I am curious to hear from my fellow D3 users in regards to their ACR settings for clarity, vibrance, and saturation, and camera profile.

    I mainly shoot people; the below are my default ACR settings.

    * contrast (my default = +15)
    * clarity (my default = +15)
    * vibrance (my default = +15)
    * saturation (my default = +15)

    * amount (my default = 75)
    * radius (my default = 7)
    * detail (my default = 0)
    * masting (my default = 0)

    Noise Reduction:
    * luminance (my default = 0)
    * luminance detail (my default = 0)
    * luminance contrast (my default = 0)
    * color (my default = 0)
    * color balance (my default = 0)

    Camera Calibration:
    * camera profile (my default = Camera D2X Mode 1)

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    Now that my friend is a truly image dependant question.

    But your sharpening settings. Really 7px radius? Why? The point of RAW sharpening is to eliminate the lack of sharpness caused by beyer filter, and that should only contribute max 1-2px. A sharpening setting like is often associated with increasing accutance (apparent sharpness) and not detail from the RAW file. It's still needed but is dependant on what you finally do with the image (i.e. different radius and intensity for prints vs onscreen display).

    Doing this in the RAW stage sounds like you may be doing something undoable that is typically decided right before someone clicks Save and upload, or file -> print.

    By the way, I don't use a D3, far from it in fact, but there's something about the D2X Modes that just looks so bland to me, and from the looks of your basic settings, to you too :)

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