Sony Xperia 10 iii for Video

I have two "Walking Vlog" projects to edit and my editing computer cannot be used right now. I have decided to release one "as-is" for now. If I can edit it later, I will do so, but the edit is a simple one anyway. Basically, it needs to be trimmed at the end, and a title added. I could do a bit more, but really that much would be enough. This file uses the Sony Xperia 10iii in 1080p (30 fps) ultra-wide camera, with stabilization. It is a hand-held walking vlog on a sunny day. Near the end of the video, my hand got tired and the view wavers (like I got drunk?). That needs to be either fixed or trimmed. I think I might just cut it off, but I'm not sure. I have been thinking that these "walking vlogs" might be good as a diversion when using a "treadmill" for exercise. This file in particular might be nice for that.

"20230828 Toronto Beaches Boardwalk",
Posted Aug 30, 2021, [length 28:14]
This is the unedited 1080p camera file, Xperia 10iii, Android 13

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