D3000,5000, or 90? Purchased one but may return...

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by Yoseff, Oct 4, 2009.

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    After alot of research between brands I finally decided on Nikon, narrowed my choices down to the d40 and d3000, purchased the 3000, and now prices have changed, more reviews are out, and I think I may have made a mistake...

    This is our first dslr, my wife loves it (as do I) and we really have no complaints with the 3000, but we are total newbs... At this time, all of these cameras are within $200 with the 3000 cheapest, then the 90 (used btw), then the 5000 being the most expensive of the group. This is just a hobby for us, and one we think we'll stick with, used mostly for kids and nature pics (if it matters). My biggest concern is that we'll wish we had the features of the 90 down the road, but the 3000 is very user friendly, and hate to give that up, and while I don't mind spending the extra $200 now, I could get an extra lens with it, so I don't just want to blow it on a body upgrade that I don't really, really need...

    Anyone else been in this boat with any of these models? I've got 5 days to return the 3000 for an exchange or refund. I'm not interested in any other models/brands than these. Thanks

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