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Jan 25, 2012
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Using a wireless solution, what combinations have you used sucessfully with the d3000 for a wireless off camera flash? I recently tried pt04's (ishoot ones) and they are not syncing, so I am looking for other solutions, like perhaps cactus v5's? Problem is, I don't want to drop $ if I will have the same problem, so I figured I would ask in here for opinions and experience! I have the d3000 and a tt560 (neewer branded) speedlite.Thanks,Corey
What isn't syncing? Is the trigger firing ? Or the receiver receiving the signal? If they both are, I'd start with your connection and make sure they are seated correctly and make sure the flash is compatible with the pt04.
Well I have another thread about the sync issue, but short of it....it fires everytime, but I have to shoot at 1/13 to see anyhing but ambient light, even at 800 iso and wide open aperture. Its like it fires miliseconds late. I have checked all settings on the camera that I can think of. Not to turn this into a dup thread, as I was looking fpr d3000 owners to chime in w combos they use, but I will take advice or suggestions on here too lol.
I use a d 3000 with ct04 triggers.. No issues. I have 2 285hv's, sb24, and a sb28. I don't have any issues. How is your camera without the flash? Does the flash work mounted on the camera? With that iso and aperture, you should be able to shoot using a quicker shutter speed.
arent the ct-04 the same as the pt04 internally? Hmmm, maybe I have a unit with a dead batttery or something else is wrong, im about to return the units to Amazon, but perhaps I need to investigate a little further. The flash is a tt560 (Neewer branded) and works flawlessly on the camera hot shoe.
I think so. Try returning them and getting a diff set.

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