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Jan 6, 2008
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I just got my Nikon D40 for christmas and am very new in dslr and really any kind of photography. i only have the Kit lens 18-55mm F5.6. Now im going to a concert where they allow cameras but not flash! ill be front row or pretty close to front row. and the stage is probably 3.5 feet tall. I was wondering what kind lens i would need or if i could use my original lens? also i would like to know what should the first lens i should upgrade to. like i said im very new to this so please help me understand why i will need these. I like to take pictures at night and of flowers and small stuff but also scenary and city scapes.

Thanks for any help.
I think a sigma 30mm f/1.4 HSM is in order here, it's big, bright, and will AF on the D40.
i know that lens isnt very expensive but the concert is soon and i dont have that $500. although it does look awesome its super fast i think.. thanks for the quick reply

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