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    ok... ive read and searched this forum for everything comparing these two cameras against each other....ive read the dpreviews(?) that u all link here and compared the 2 side-side....and this is my dilema....

    im basically gonna treat it like the NFL instant replay factor....
    Is there enough evidence to OVERRULE my decision on goind w/the d100....?
    ive compared the 2 and have not seen a MAJOR difference between the 2...

    d70-top shutter speed 1/8000
    that is a bit of a difference but not major....only like 2 times...hehe but not that crazy for me i guess...i dont do a lot of high spped action photos...

    d70 can shoot at 3fps for 12 sec. or sumthing like that, d100 for like 6 sec...? again i dont do a lot of action, but i would like to dabble in the future lets say...

    d100 is built stronger than d70...i like that..i drop a lot of things easily... :wink:

    d70 lcd pixels =130,000....d100 lcd pixels =118,000??? dont know the signifigance of this comparison but agin its not much, only 12,000 pixs...

    d70 has no accesories and stoped by my local dealer to inquire on this and was told that none at all are bein planned for this camera as of this years convention for '05...
    d100 has the mb-d100 verticle grip/battery combo and this appeals to me greatly..almost is a major factor in my decision...

    so please all...i am very stumped at this...a lot of people here seem to be one sided toward the d70 but only offer the dpreviews as there opinions and experience...the d100 is still a good camera right???its not obsolete????i mean, should this camera never beem designed/is it flawed in some way????

    PLEASE HELP!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

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    Are you talking new or used? If new, I wouldn't sweat it so much, either should make you very happy. If used, make sure the one you want doesn't have too many shutter actuations on it (they're rated at like 40,000 or 50,000 I think, at least the d70 is I hear).

    New is safer.

    Although the d70 does have a much better flash sync speed (1/500th vs. 1/180th for the d100, which makes a difference if you're using fill flash outdoors). On the other hand, it's way easier to get a cable release and battery grip for the d100.
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    Do you have any Nikon glass already? Because if you don't then the Canon 20D is far superior to the D100 and better than the D70.
    If you really must have a Nikon then check the users comments on the D70 against the D100 and you'll find the D70 is a clear winner.
    On the other hand if you don't want to do the research and are just looking to justify buying the D100 then go for it and have fun!
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    Just to add some more comparisons that actually effect the pictures your going to take. Since thats the reason to buy a camera, not because it has accessories.

    Flash sync: D70 1/500th sec D100 1/180th sec

    Metering: D70 3D color Matrix D100 3D matrix

    ISO: D70 200-1600 D100: 200-800

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