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Jan 2, 2008
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Hi Photolovers,

I purchased a D80 off of ebay. Not too long ago, I asked everyone about the best USED SLR, but I went off in a tangent and spent more money that I should have (got the D80 body for $599 which I think was a good deal that I couldn't pass up). Now, as a complete Noob, I need a decent lens with this body that won't break the bank. Please help!

- Prefer a used lens budget ~$200
- Can't afford VR lenses
- Zoom Capability, thinking of a 18-70mm
- Good Optics and Sharpness
- Bonus: Macro shots (Micro close ups)
- Good Resale Value

Is there such a bargain lens that would work for me? I considered the lens that usually comes with the D80 in the package. Or I can save some money and get an older generation lens that came with the D70. Is there a difference?


Sigma do a 17-50mm f/2.8 lens that retails at about 400US i think. (Tamron do one too)

Prob get a cheap one second hand. This ticks most your boxes. Its fast, sharp, cheap (comparitively) and has zoom (maybe not as much as your looking for). I have read good reviews for it on www.dpreview.com.

Sorry that was http://www.fredmiranda.com/reviews/ i read it on.
Also forgot to mention it has MAcro capabilities altho not true Macro will still give you a good taste for that type of photography.

Happy shoppin.....
Yeah I think Sigma and Tamron makes some decent lenses which are generally cheaper than Nikon lenses.. I guess I can't really go wrong since I'm a noob, and as long as the lens meets my criteria. Thanks!
I'm thinking of selling my 18-55mm & 55-200mm VR that I bought with my D80. Don't have a price yet. You can PM me if interested.
i just picked up the Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 EX DG MACRO for my d80 and i love it. its a little more than the 200, i paid 430 but its something to think about. you can always look into finding a used lens as well. cant go wrong with the nikon 50mm f1.8 either, its not a zoom but a great low priced lens.
I also recently bought a D80 body . . . i bought the Nikon 50mm F/1.8 as well as the 18-200 VR . . . the 50mm was something like $120 and I've had way more fun with it so far than the 18-200. So if you are thinking about it, I highly recomend getting the 50mm if you can afford it in addition - might not be the best on it's own because of no zoom but . . .

DIdn't answer your question I know - take it for what it's worth
No, that's good info. I've been reading up on past suggestions, and the 50mm is always been an option. I may do that and see how far it gets me. And its cheap so I don't have to worry too much.
I picked up an 18-135mm lens used for $200 for my D80 and it's great! At least my copy is rockin' in the 105-135mm portrait range. It's not fast, but I love the range. For indoor stuff with mainly just household lighting, even f/2.8 is still too slow and I have to end up using a flash anyways, so f/5.6 doesn't really matter. Bokeh is very nice and smooth too, unlike pretty much every other Nikon kit lens. Two buddies of mine also got this same lens used for around $200 also.
i almost got an 18-135 i had found a used one on craigslist for 225 but i missed out on the deal. if you watch the photo and video section on craigslist you will see some deals but you gotta be quick with the email to get em
Personally I would wait to buy a lens. The cheaper you go, well you get what you pay for. Not to mention buying used lenses sometimes can hurt you in the end, they could have damaged contacts or scratched glass, I would feel safer purchasing a new one unless you can physically inspect the lens and test it out. But like I said, more money for better quality. Sigma and Tamron aren't "name brand" through the eyes of canon and nikon but they do have good quality glass.

I would go with the 50mm that was mentioned. It can be had for about $120 and it is a great quality lens. As far as zoom, you are the zoom, walk forward to zoom in , walk backwards to zoom out...lol



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