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Aug 9, 2018
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While I do dabble in post processing from time to time, this snow covered tree in my yard caught my eye as an "old post card" type print.

My goal was not to create some decades old photo pulled from a family album but to capture the look of a post card sitting in a display rack on the counter of a Walgreens drug store in the early 1900's.

I am curious how many folk enjoy looking at old photos. Even if it is on a back lit computer monitor.

oldtime look.jpg
I like it! Post processing offers different paths for the creative mind, the simple enhancement of an original image, to creative edits, to a wholly new image, created post.
I think you attained you goal, it has that old post card feel to it.
I did something like that by accident yet got good marks in comp
I like to look at old pics on computer esp of where i live now to see the changes over time
Certainly has that Victoriana vintage, festive look to it.

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