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Dandelion (reverse lens macro)


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Feb 1, 2004
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Lower Saxony, Germany
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Funny to see how Holly and I think alike and do the same: we try our hands at indoor portrait photography with natural light at the same time, and we go out to photograph "our" dandilions at the same time, here is one of my takes:

Ahhhh it must be National Dandilion Day

LOVE this and I love the shallow DOF GREAT STUFF
I love your framing on it..
When I sharpen my pics with the help of the Unsharp Mask (here also sometimes called USM, which took me ages to understand, plus a direct question, actually, I never knew what people were talking about), I very much see to it that the highlights don't take that metallic sheen. That, I find, is absolutely to be avoided. Therefore I must say I am happier with my own version... :blush:
I use a photoshop plugin called FOCUSFIXER by fixerlabs for sharpening shots. It's a must !
Some more of today's close encounter with the dandelion, and I have processed all these (like also the first) already in the way that I want these photos to be:








Since I reverse my kit lens (18-55mm), I can vary the magnification by varying the focal lenght: at 55mm reversed, I get less magnification, more of the plant into the frame and a somewhat deeper DOF (still only a matter of 1-2 mm) than at 35mm or 24mm.
I really like all of them! Great shots with lots of detail!

Maybe this question doesn't belong here but I would really like to know what you mean by "reverse" your kit lens? I do have a 18-55mm kit lens too but I don't seem to be able to get this kind of shots with it...
So if you could help me out I'd be very grateful! :wink:
O YAY!! Love these too!! YOu did a great job Im really Loving #4!!
These are fab!! :thumbup:
Spako: I really take the lens off, turn it around and only HOLD it in reversed manner to the "hole" of the camera body. One hand needs to always push the lens against that "hole". Then I must move into the subject, and I must focus with my body, by moving closer or further away (in tiny amounts, sometimes one's own heartbeat or breathing comes into the way of getting the right focus!) to get the focus.
For these, I had to almost crawl into this flower ;).
My sister says she's sad she missed THAT sight :D.
I just figured out what I like most about these...
it's the nice soft colors along with the perfect DoF. :thumbup:
you really did get super close with these LaFoto. Good Job!

Finding it hard to pick a fave... maybe 3 & 6
Those really are very very good indeed :). I use a bit of inner tube from a childs bicycle to hold one lense reversed on the end of anoterh with a match stick to hold the apparure open on the second lens, it is not ideal but it means there is no hard or sticky stuff to damage the lenses and you can use a tripod, still horribly fiddly though. Really nice to see the compasition comming out of the forms of the miniture world there. for me that is what macro is all about :).

Wow who would have thought a dandelion could look so cool.
I am just blown away by these Lafoto.
Going to take another look. These are soo cool.

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