Day on the mountain

I like/love #5.
#6 would have been splendid if the camera was in landscape aspect and you'd caught all of her arms.

if #3 was shot in raw there is a chance to recover that burnt out forehead.
In any case the image has lovely color and sharpness and a sort of breathless beauty that is very attractive.
I would add a bit at the top to give her some space to look into and keep her from being 'oppressed' by the margin.

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Thanks for the comments.
Always love your detailed comments with the correction on the pictures themselves :)
It was shot in raw (only shoot raw). I think it was cropped, but I'm not sure right now.
I'll see that tomorrow.
At least the forehead I can handle :p
Thanks for the tips. Really appreciate them.

I think you did justice to your pretty ladies. Concur with the views expressed by "The Traveler" Pic 5 is cuddly cute and is my pic of choice here.
I have edited the original post and replace #3 with the corrected version.
It was indeed a little cropped.
I've also lowered the highlights for the burnt out forehead ;)
It's a bit better this way.

Thx once more ;)
I think this is a good example of how placement in the frame provides cues for the viewer, even though no information has been lost of the subject or the background.
Most people, on seeing a picture cropped like this below, would 'feel' that the subject is crushed against the margin, even though no real information is lost and the frame is filled. In cropping and placing the subject in the frame, the photographer, inadvertently or intentionally, gives information to the viewer.

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Agree ;)
For me, after light, composition is one of the hardest things in photography.
That's why I like to post my photos here and receive these useful tips that allows me to improve :)


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