Death Valley National Park


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Aug 15, 2006
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A different view ...
Thats amazing abraxas,I wish there was some scenery like that around were I live.
There seems to be a sort of halo effect in the middle ground just over the first peak to the left...or is that just fog or haze? Anyway great shot!

Thanks. Good geology here.

This was shot sometime back with a Nikon 990, before I got serious about the craft. I think I messed up the processing a bit. At least with a little too much sharpening along the mid-ridge. It was a bit lighter in the valley from the sun setting, which adds to the effect. It's such a different view. I couldn't resist fooling with it tonight.
Good work on this one abraxas. I like it very much. The way the shot leads you in the distance is truly wonderful! :thumbup:

Thank you. This is one of those where the unique view of the park and composition may overshadow the problems it has, at least for a slideshow I'm working on- At least I'm hoping it does. :) It's an interesting saddle along a ridge where the few that find the place would normally shoot the other direction.
Thanks Ernie.

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