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Debating between r10 and r7


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Jun 15, 2023
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Durham, NC
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Hey all. Maybe this question has been asked a lot here, but trying to see if I need the features in the R7

I'm not a professional. I do IT for a living. Wouldn't be nice to get really good at it and eventually do some events? Sure. But probably not going to be real source of income for me.

I have a canon t3i. Want an upgrade. I want better AF, more modern tech, mirrorless,.. want to invest in lenses on a better body.

I mostly do nature and landscape. I do want to get into more wildlife though. Street and portraits as well. Don't care about video that much.

I know the R7 has two card slots. I mean I guess that is nice, but even my gf has a sony A6400 and does live music photography for local bands. I personally just can't stand the way those Sony's feel in my hand.

And I know there are other features.

Just not sure if I should reach for the r7 or save the money for lenses.

But I do want a solid long-term investment.

I am used to carrying multiple batteries and it doesn't pain me much to swap them out

But overall I want to invest in something I'll be happy to use for a long time.

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I just completed that exercise, and settled on the R7 since I think that will be a relevant piece of equipment for me longer than the R10. On the flip side, I decided that the R5 was too pricey for my taste at the moment. I also do IT for a living. I read a lot of reviews and comparisons before making my decision, and the price difference wasn't a huge one. 32MP won out over 24MP. I'm upgrading from a 90D, so wanted to keep the MP count.
Many articles on r10 vs r7.........

And from Canon themselves... EOS R7 vs EOS R10: Which is Right for You? | Canon U.S.A., Inc.

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