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Jan 2, 2009
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This is a shoot i got a couple of weeks ago fairly early in the morning. I live close to several hundred acres of woods and i enjoy trying to get photos like this. I am not a hunter but some guys i work with are and they have really helped me on where to look for deer and how to wait until the deer come around. Sometimes they do sometimes the dont. Shutter 1/25, aperture 5.6, Iso 100, Metering Spot, Focal Length 300mm.
phew lucky on the shutter speed - normally I would expect that back leg to be in full motion blur at 1/25sec - she must have just paused moving it!
Certainly hunting and photography are similar up to the point of pressing the shutter/pulling the triggor so keep going with your endevers and hope to see many more such shots :)
Thanks Overread. And yes for some reason she pulled her hind leg up and held it there for a few secs. I did get lucky because most my shots have a shutter of 1/250 or faster. I am trying to get some photos of a huge buck I ran into one morning. I just got a glimpse of him and he was gone. Thanks again.
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