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Mar 1, 2018
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Not so keen on the conversion as they are beautiful animals in colour so No 1 for me. Great pose and framing. Very nice indeed.

Whitetails? Look a bit similar facially to our Roe Deer here in Scotland but a bit bigger and chunkier in the body I think.
Nice set and I agreed with SF. the color on the deer in #1 is gorgeous.
gorgeous shots, they look like some well fed deer.
Nice shots. I like #1 for the color, but I like the second one also. It has sort of a formalized "cave painting" look to it.
Beautiful animals we have many around our house they are so graceful when they run I love seeing them.....except when they eat our shrubs!
Both are very good shots. I do favor the second one because of the motion and the black/white.
Very nice!
Thanks all. Spaceface-yes these are white tails. Appreciate the input. Not sure why I went black-white. Something about the background and just gave it a try.

I had some nice face shots but because I shot out the open window they were a little fuzzy ( the heat rushing out). Live and learn. The ones above I was sitting on the front porch.

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