Defective shutter for a Distagon.

Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by Mitica100, May 27, 2004.

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    My luck, wouldn't you know it... :(

    I just purchased a 50mm Distagon for the Hasselblad system, from E-bay. I just got it today and after putting it on I realized that it's got a defective shutter! Hasselblad cameras have a flip-up mirror to minimize vibrations during longer time exposures and the lens has its own shutter. Well, whenever I trigger the flip-up mirror, the shutter opens. And it shouldn't! My other two lenses work properly.

    I contacted the seller and he has no problem with me taking it to a repair shop and getting a free estimate, and if the cost of repair is decent he will cover it. If not, he'll take it back and refund me the money I paid. Honest and decent seller, if you ask me, at least for now... :twisted:

    Anyway, does anyone know (Hasselblad owners) if this could be a major problem? Thanks in advance for any reply...


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