Der alte Kriegsvogel

The Barbarian

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Dec 14, 2005
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The processing suits the subject imo.
I agree with SF, it's a fine looking pic and cool plane. I don't know the model but is it a medium range bomber? Do you know?
Heinkel 111, I believe. I was trying to get the 1930s B&W look. It is a medium range bomber, one of the better ones available to Germany at the time. They lost a lot of bombers in the blitz, but the Heinkels were sturdier and survived in greater numbers than the Ju 88s, which were easy prey for Spitfires, unless they had fighter escort.
Perfect...sepia tone and softness, yet clean detail compliment this vintage aircraft.
Beautiful! The softness adds to the overcast day - good call on this processing. Nice subject matter. Nice work here!
The ol' man watched those in 1944 over Bastogne.

built a few models of the HE111 and always marveld over them.
Sorta like asub-mid range bomber that was highly maneuverable.
Also had a night version, a double cockpit version and one that was designed as a heavy bomber.

The sht is really nice!

Good work.

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