Desert Flames

That's a gorgeous woman with stunning eyes. I love your lighting on it, my only pick, and this might be intentional, is that her left eye is partially covered.
Really nice, I would say that the skin looks a touch overprocessed though.
Lovely! She is beautiful! Nicely let, too! My one issue would be the skin is too smooth (PP or makeup!)
LOVE this photo. The woman feels so tangible and real, while the cloth is very abstract and painterly. And the analogous tones of the cloth and her skin go very well together and give the photo a sense of balance while still keeping the photo interesting.

And the framing really makes the viewer study the beauty in the model's face. Great job!!
Hello Vaske - I have nominated this image for February Photo of the Month here on TPF!
Very nice photo, but as others have said the skin looks a bit over processed.

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