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Nov 7, 2009
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New York, NY
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my friend was down in the dumps today, why not capture his emotion via portrait, along with a tungsten white balance in day light.


some of this was really sharp
I'm not sure if the blue cast was the right choice. It just looks "off". Might be a good candidate for black & white, however. Maybe even with some vignetting?

Just a thought.

Otherwise, my only complaint is the white area to the right of his head. It's awfully distracting.
Okay, Ill be the bad guy this time. Heres a list:

1. You missed focus a little. The focus should be crisp, and on the eyes. This is because you shot the photo at F/1.8. This, combined with the subject being 1 meter infront of the camera, you have a depth of field (the part in focus) of 1.08 inches. This is far too small to capture alot of detail. Try bumping it to about at least F/8 if you need to be this close to him. If you back up from the subject and crop it, you will get even more in focus still.

2. The photo is too cool. This means that there is a fairly intense blue cast over it. You can fix this in Post Processing, or try shooting at a white balance that suits the situation. Unless this is what you were going for to make it feel more 'desolate'.

3. He doesnt look desolate. You either need more background, empty background, or you need to blur the background more. The background here is just very cluttered and busy, this doesnt really give off too much of a 'desolate' vibe. It makes it feel like he is in the city or somewhere similar, which immediately brings the thought that there are alot of people close to him; quite the opposite of desolate.

This being said, I really hoped it helped a little. I didnt say all this to just down your photo, I did it to help. I hope it did just that. ;)

Keep shooting! :thumbup:
That blown out spot in the upper right, right behind his head is not good.
I tried..very quickly. Maybe a full minute to do the whole thing.



EDIT: I may have went a little hard on the vignette...
LCARSx32: I was thinking the same thing! ^^

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