Desolate Tree


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Nov 26, 2011
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Boardman, Oregon
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I took this pic two days ago. I just liked the overall look of the image.

Very good; but opting another view point from where the distant trees are distinctly separate ; as such they are good though

Regards :D
it's amazing I love how the marks on the field sort of lead to the tree :)

And frequency, I thought the same thing. I might go out and see if I can shoot this again from a different angle, and still get the same look.
Nice pic. There's a lot going on here, for such a simple pic. Shapes of the plow lines in the dirt, dirt texture, tree...

The trick is to "see" these compositions when out walking around.
That is what I try to do. I took this shot for the reasons you listed. Just the patterns in the dirt, the texture, and the look of the tree.
Very nice shot. I like the tonality. Another POV re: the BG trees might be worth looking for, but I like the shape at the bottom of the tree where its profile juts out due to a severed trunk behind. What I definitely would do, though, is crop the bottom up to about the beginning of the second 'arc' from the bottom. For me, there's way too much soil showing and it leaves the composition a bit off balance. Be that as it may, overall, a nice work.
Nice shot. It seems a little unbalanced and I'd consider cropping some of the foreground. If you go back, consider also including a little more on the left - the third tree needs a little more room.

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