Did my First Sensor cleaning Already.


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Mar 24, 2013
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On my Nikon D7200 with only 1,000 clicks. I just noticed some dust and splatter with some recent shots so I took a reference photo on blue sky at f/22 and there was more then I thought. I broke out the visibleDust swabs and gave once over to get the dust out but the splatter took some doing over a couple times with wet clean to remove it all and applying a little more pressure on the final swipe to remove the remaining splatter. My D3300 has a few thousands clicks and no signs of dust or splatter.

Anyways thats that,its probably cleaner now then the day it left nikon factory but the splatters are not easy to get off and hopefully this will settle down after some use.Sometime I wonder if there some over zealous use of some sort of lubricants on the assembly line.The D600 issues was In its own but a friend of mine has a D5500 thats pretty new and his camera is flinging a lot of crude all over his sensor and know mine has a few spots but nothing that greatly concerns me unless it gets worse.
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Hope this is first and last time you have to deal with such splatters, on the other hand its nice to know you can clean it yourself and koodos on doing such a great job! :)
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Thanks Goodguy. Some of it looked like dust that was smeared around In a corner and a couple spots that looked like hard water stains,those where the tough ones to remove. I didn't go looking for them either,they found me.She is nice and clean now.
If it was oil, you'll need to use a different fluid. Visible Dust makes different fluids for different stuff on the sensor.
I have regular green cap one,Looks like I need the blue cap VDust Plus.
hmmm....I thought I had researched the s*** out of wet cleaning.In hindsight,I guess I only researched the method of sensor cleaning,not the available products.I chose the Copper Hill system,and it works great,etc.Not knowing,until reading this,that there are different strength cleaning solutions.Why would one not use the strongest available?The reason I ask, is, I've been using the Eclipse solution.While it has worked fine, on one camera body,I have one spot that I cannot remove after 6-7 attempts.It seems to be welded to the sensor.
Any thoughts?
......,I have one spot that I cannot remove after 6-7 attempts.It seems to be welded to the sensor.
Any thoughts?

Rent a Hilti TE-905 or TE-805 from your local Home Depot. :biglaugh:
...I think before going to those extremes,I will remove the sensor,put it in a vice,and gently hit it with a grinder.
Needs 3M rubbing compound and a orbital buffer.:1247:
3500 psi pressure washer.

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