Digital Flash any good??


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Nov 28, 2008
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Cleveland, Ohio
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I just picked up a flash from Circuit City that is a Sunpak PF30x and am wondering if any of you know anything about this flash? If seems like it's not always working like it should. When I go to take the picture, sometimes it will flash with a weak flash. When this happens, the picture is basically a black. The camera that I have is a Nikon D40. Do you think there is something possibly wrong with the flash or is there something that I am doing wrong when using it?
You've picked up a flash that doesn't sync with your camera. So all you can do is manually control flash output.

Should've gone to B&H and picked up an SB-600.
Is that why it flashes full sometimes and sometimes not? I saw somwhere that there is a firmware upgrade to correct it. You just have to send it back to the manufacture in NY to have it done. Do you know anything about that? How is the SB400 flash?

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