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Jul 18, 2013
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nunya, mass
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I have a Nikon D3200, which i bought in April, I had recently sent in my camera to Nikon to be fixed. It was having focusing issues, prior to sending it in the diopter dial worked fine. I waited three weeks to get my camera back, finally received it only to discover that now the diopter dial to adjust the viewfinder no longer works. No matter what i try the dial will just not budge, completely will not turn in either direction. I am still covered under warranty so I called Nikon and they said for me to send my camera back in. If that's the only choice I have it is what it is, but honestly I'm really dreading having to most likely, go another 3 weeks without my camera AGAIN, for SOMETHING Nikon did. My question is ---Has anyone else had this issue, Is it something I can TRY that may fix this problem? I'd appreciate any advice at all. I know this isn't a major issue, but it is something I would like to be fixed. Its frustrating I send my camera in to get fixed with one issue & it gets sent back to me with ANOTHER issue.
I would send it back to Nikon, demanding priority attention. Your camera should go to the front of the line.
One thread is enough... no need for Three Different Threads....
umm ok?? lmao!!

Just a head's-up: Cross-posting on ANY forum is considered rude. One post is sufficient...... you don't need to create multiple, identical posts all over.
lol ok and id like to thank you also for your input. good day
lol ok and id like to thank you also for your input. good day

my input is that cross posting the same topic is against TPF rules.
the continued ignoring of that rule will get you considered a spammer and treated as such with a banning.

good day.
no one continued anything lmao what other posts have I posted multiple times? just this one - thanks to you also, so much input on this forum! my input is maybe some of you need remember this is only a forum- nothing personal - good day
She was pleasant.
She was pleasant.

I wonder if Nikon Repair Services will think the same thing.
I like this forum everyone is so funny :)
Jessica, just send your camera back to Nikon. It is your only option when your under warranty.

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