DMC-FZ200 stream and waterfall photo over exposed


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Jul 26, 2013
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Hi everyone

Armed with my DMC-FZ200 I tried to take one of those cool photos where streams and waterfalls have that motion look.

I put the camera into Shutter priority mode and set the speed to 1 second to which the camera set the Aperture to the smallest setting on F8. As it was a sunny day I set the ISO to 100. When I pressed to focus the LCD screen went white to show that I was over exposed.

It seems to me I have nowhere to go. The ISO and Aperture are at their smallest levels and I need the Shutter at a slow speed to allow the stream and waterfall to take on the silky look.

Am I doomed not to be able to take these type of photos in good light?

Any hints and tips would be very much appreciated.
an ND filter is what you're looking for
Ha ha - I just Google ND filter and you're right!

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

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