Do I need software with a CF card?


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Jan 11, 2012
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Ok, so im a beginner, and just got a canon dslr that takes cf. Im wondering if i can just buy a used cf card off ebay, or if I need to find one new that comes with software (ive noticed that some come with CDs). Otehrwise, how would I get the pictures onto my computer? Do i just plug the camera into the computers usb, and wait for the computer to prompt me with options?

Ive had a samsung point and shoot, but that camera came with a CD labeled "samsung master" that I downloaded onto the computer, which is what i then downloaded all of my pictures into from that point on.

What should I do to get pics from my canon onto my computer?

Not sure if you are asking if a specific CF card needs it's own software (which it does not), but make sure the CF card is correct for your camera (in the manual).

Canon camera should have a utility software (downloader) EOS Utility I think it is called, which yes, you plug the camera into the USB and the software should come up on the screen.

In laymans terms here
Also keep in mind that not all CF cards are same, and I don't mean storage capacity. Some cards write quicker than others and depending on your camera, it may require a certain spec. (think writing video to the card or shooting a bunch of frames in burst quickly).
Well i planned onn getting a sandisk extreme 3 4gb, which from my understanding is way more than what I actually need. I have a canon d40, but I bought the body by itself, nothing included. So would you recommend getting the EOS utility software that (I'm assuming) comes with the camera when its new? Will this be necessary?
No software needed, if you buy a card reader for your CF card, plugging it into your computer (PC or Mac) will make it appear as a disc drive.

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