Don't you love when you receive your new toys!


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Nov 13, 2008
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I know I do! And today was X-Mas :D Seems like all my shipments came at once. Looking forward to doing some shootings w/ these puppies VERY SOON!

The reflectors were $30 for the small and $35 for the big. They're both 5-1. Black, White, Silver, Gold and See through


Paid $300 extra for the Vagabond II as it is WORTH THE MONEY. Gives total freedom to shoot outside and not worry about a power source.


Almost went with the AB B800s but ended up looking at the B1600 but found that the WL X1600 was much better for the extra money. Came with bags and also 5 year warranty opposed to 2 years w/ ABs

I know exactly what you mean! But on a smaller scale haha! I had a new tripod head, wireless triggers, lightstand, reflector, ND filters etc come in the matter of a few days. Literally about 5 or 6 'presents' I got to open. All for ME :peacesign:.

Love getting the new toys. Where'd you get the reflectors from? Look like a good deal.
Thanks guys!

Darrel, as always, love your comments :)

Although I had a slight hickup (ordering the wrong trigger ~ $12), I realized the cowboystudio trigger for my speedlite works WONDER! I'll record a small review of the stuff since it seems like it's hard to find a good vid on youtube on the WL x1600.

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