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Dec 14, 2003
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Which way does the gold cross face. To the left or right.

This is a reflection off a black marble gravestone. The gold cross is etched in the black marble, but I saw the reflection of the larger cross off the front of the stone. It was not till I looked at it later, I found it hard to focus on the gold cross. :er:
This is very cool Chiller! It looks like the cross is floating in mid air. Thank god for your write up, cause at first I couldn't figure out how ya did it. Great work! :thumbsup:
:confused: ......... i just cant work that one out!.... great capture mate :thumbup:
I like it a lot chiller. But then again I am a fan of a lot of your work here, so why doesn' that surprise me. Yet another unique image in the darkside collection.

Its curious that I see tons of 'angel' and 'cross' pictures in the darkside. From cemetaries or not, those are things that are supposed to inspire hope in folks. Yet, time and time again, the captures here (yours and others) have made my spine quiver.
Wow.. I thought that it was floating in midair at first, too. Thanks for explaining :)
BTW, to me it looks like the gold cross is facing the right.
nice capture chiller, and an excellent spot.
Very cool/freaky picture. I'd say the gold cross is facing right, but it makes my eyes go buggy trying to figure it out.
Thanks everyone. Always enjoy your comments.

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