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    Maybe this is not in the right place .... If not please move it or tell me to. Thanks.

    I am sitting here comparing raw to not RAW. My camera (sp 550 uz) is set to raw 3072 x 2304 SHQ and I took one picture in each of [RAW 3072 x 2304 SHQ and SHQ 3072 x 2304] and took one picture at each setting. I took one shot of each setting here on the desk so i cold get the same picture to compare as to RAW and NOT RAW.
    My camera is holding 3 pictures. Why? I only took 2. I've noticed this in the past that I thought there were duplicates. Can anyone answer why there are 2 where one should be?


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    The answer is in the setting:
    "RAW" AND "3072x2304 SHQ"

    When set to that mode the camera stores a RAW file and a JPEG at the same time. Taking the second JPEG photo was redundant.

    Also if you're comparing RAW to JPEG in this way you will likely be disappointed. The idea behind the RAW file is that you have a larger bit depth, and more latitude for editing, like easy colour balance selection. In your test here the RAW and JPEG would probably look identical. But if you try and process both of them you may learn the great advantages RAW has to offer.

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