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    I just bought a nice Little camera the Fuji FinePixels S2000HD.
    In the manual they are recommending to go down to 3648 x 2056 or 1920 x1080, If the stills are going to be used on a Wide screen HD tv 1080i. Is the only motivation for doing so, saving space on the memory card? Will going from 10,1 M pixels (3648 x 2736) down to 9 M (3648 x 2056) pixels produce lesser noise in the camera? Can there be other befits like there will be less degradation if i use a format closer to the original and don't have to cut and shop. And finaly can i se any quality difference on a 1080P tv going from 2m pixels to 9 M pixeels and 2056 x 3648?


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