Dragon in abondoned wood chip burner


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Jan 21, 2009
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Was visiting/tresspassing at a local abondoned lumber mill. This is the view up a 4 story wood chip burner. Nearly broke my neck to get the shot as the wood chip pile in the center looked stable. In actuality a maze of underground tunnels formed by mystery critters. Sunk up to the waist in a very undignified matter. Much girly screams and panic. Liked the results though. Looks like dragon scales to me. The wire netting on the opening casting lovely patterns on the aged and smoked interior. The mill is listed on abandoned places in ontario. A short 1/2 ride from me. Next time, lighting and a tripod. Dunce moment, don't ask. CC welcome.

The Burning Eye 2 by xLeighthalx, on Flickr
Yeah, when I was a kid back in the 1970's, those old conical sawdust burners dotted the landscape...I spent part of my formative years in a very small mill town where sawdust burners and logging donkeys and all sorts of decrepit old logging junk was strewn about abandoned site all over the area. I miss seeing those things; the last two I used to see regularly were torn down about five years ago. Got any shots of the exterior of one?
No exterior. The sun was washing everything out at that time of day and sadly I didn't even attempt it. If you google GW Martin Lumber Company there are photos of it. And photos of all the stuff I missed without my tripod and lighting.
Alternatively, this guy has a great photo of it: Abandoned G.W. Martin Lumber Mill | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Next time I go, I'll be more prepared. I took a total of 7 pictures. 4 of the teepee and 2 that looked like I had Parkinsons. This one I rested the camera on the rollers...

insidemill by xLeighthalx, on Flickr

This site has 8 huge outbuildings covering 2 city blocks or more. An abandoned paradise as most buildings are open with all machinery present.

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