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May 19, 2007
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I like it.

I like beardies too :)
You have the focus spot on where it should be :)
and the angle and look I really like!
I would prefer to have seen the tip of the nose in focus (So a smaller aperture used) but looking at the background areas I suspect that you were already limited with lighting options at the time. Certainy good work getting the eyes!
Thank you for the comments, Overread and Sabbath!

The noise is quite prominent, heh? ISO was at 640 and aperture at 1.8, so I was really doing the best I could!
harmony when you do a noise removal try setting the
"reduce colour noise" to something like 26% - that should help reduce the red noise that is present in shots
:lol: You're assuming I do a noise removal!

Are you familiar with GIMP? Could you maybe talk me through how to do that?
sorry I have no idea how GIMP works :(
Thank you for the comments!

I know I was amazingly lucky to get the focus where I did, he's a little imp and never stops moving! I guess he was trying to pacify me, and it worked - his cute look got him an extra hour running around on my floor! :mrgreen:

Thank you for the edit - I like it much better. I think I'll run the photo through a noise reducer and then get it blown up... He'll be pleased, methinks!

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