Dreaming of ... (HDR)


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Jul 24, 2011
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Sr da Pedra

I wonder how it would look at f8-11
Thank you Travel and Quad for the suggestions.
Cropped landscape would remove that annoying intense green.
Didn't shoot landscape, but I can go there again and try. For the F/8-11 too.
Yes, a little heavy. Sun be-traded me. That green is a bit excessive.
I think I like the background being included, yet oof. Overall I like it
I disagree about the green but then again i'm biased ... green is my favorite color ... very awesome!
I agree with Trever1, in that it would be a much stronger composition in the landscape format. No need to increase the DOF, as the shallowness of the DOF as you presented it, works for me.
Thank you for your contributions.
really like the image as it is.... i am not sure of its landscape version ......the wooden pole is that much projected by the depression in the distant building...i f that is lost, will this retain its charm? not sure

Regards :D

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