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Discussion in 'The Professional Gallery' started by Meysha, Sep 28, 2005.

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    Helloooo portraiture peoples!

    Seeing as though we're supposed to be all organised and stuff now with our different categories of galleries... I guessed I'd better not post this pic in the general gallery coz jonmikal might banish me to the netherworld! :shock:


    This is a photo of the lead singer of the band that Adrian's in. (Watch out adrian. hehehe. Mmmm sexy singer... mmmm)
    I took it a few months ago when I was down in Bris-vegas. They were recording some demos and just messing around. So I thought I'd practise a bit of portrait photography seeing as though I've never really done it before. apart from holiday snaps.

    Shot on 350D in black and white mode.
    No flash coz I didn't want to be bugging them with it.
    ISO 800 (damn the crappy digital grain - I think I'll have to re-convert myself back to film, only for my grainy shots though).
    1/10s at f/5 (handheld too! yippee) Yeah I know it's a bit blurry, but I think it kinda works with the lo-fi look of the photo.
    Converted to duotone in PS coz I think the duotone covers up a bit of the blur.

    Comments and critique are welcome as always. Thanks for looking :hug::

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    Vicky!!! love the tones... that's the first thing... secondly I think he's very handsome :D.. third: I like the overall surrounding... it makes the mood and atmospheare here :) the only thing that might add to this... is the very end of the guitar - no idea how it is called. I think it should or might be visible... but then the crop would be different... huh... so I dunno now... I think that the next time, you should try different crops and give me something to compare :) now I think that you did a great job... both... in taking a picture and choosing a model :D:D:D hehehe
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    Feb 26, 2005
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    Personally, I'd stay away from B&W mode on your camera, and shoot in raw, because in every colour shot, there's a b&w, and raw has more detail than a jpg.

    Since the TPF meetup, I've been shooting without flash in dark situations with a wide aperture and high ISO, and I think I like the effects that you get - sometimes the grain is phenominal, and other times it's not really noticeable. I was looking through the photos from the uk meet tonight, and my favourite one was one of Vixenta and Mentos that had way too much grain in it, but it brought the photo to life - mind you, two top birds in one shot helps :D

    That said, it's a good shot, nice lighting - flash would have spoiled the atmosphere you have there, just as Mentos said, would have liked to see the end of his instrument.

    fnar fnar etc. ;)

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