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Dusting Off The Camera, Please tell me how it is!


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Oct 28, 2012
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United States
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So I haven't taken the camera out in at least year and a lovely couple came to me after their wedding photographer bailed on them. How'd I do? Besides the light out on the right (I can swap a light later). Shot with a 6D 24-105 F/4L at F4.0 with two strobes on triggers.
You can turn that light back on in Photoshop or Gimp.

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I would clone out the tower. Doesn't help here in anything.
timor said:
I would clone out the tower. Doesn't help here in anything.

It's okay. Clone out the tower? seriously? The tower SETS THE LOCATION, and identifies the exact place where this kiss occurred. Eliminating it makes no sense whatsoever...unless you want to make this one, specific place look like some random place located "somewhere" in North America. Or South America. Or Europe. Or Australia. Cloning out the tower would be like cloning out the Eiffel Tower in a kiss that was done in Paris in Front of the Eiffel Tower.Pointless.
Ha ha ! The tower is ugly, merges with silhouettes of main subjects, looks like is growing from their heads and is dominating the picture to the point, that first you see the tower, and then , after a moment, the married couple could be make out. The near - far relation is not right. To eliminate the tower it was a joke, a voice of sort of disappointed. I understand, that the tower is sort of important landmark in this picture, but the picture is taken like by a guy on vacations, who uses camera only on vacations. Situation here calls for different approach, more creative, not strait ahead "click". For good measure, with digital magic, tower and the whole background could be lower in intensity, put out of focus, something, to lower it prominence in the picture.
The tower is phallic, I like it.

This photo might have finalized my choice of next lense. I too have a 6d and hoping to take pics a sweat as this.
That tower makes everyone fight around here...I'll say kill it...lol. Just kidding...tho I hate how it merges with the couple...i would love to see them next to one of those rails and the tower far in the background....well is a matter of taste tho.
Nice colors Love it!

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Other than them being the two testicals on the biggest phallus you never noticed... not bad.

I clone out the tower and crop agressively.
Next up: that MASSIVE watermark...
I think the picture looks great just the way it is.

So I haven't been online in a while and I finally see these comments and you guys cracked me up. This wasn't my pick for a location it was a request by the couple. I have plenty of other great sunset shots with these guys that are much better. I do like the tower though and anyone from Erie PA will recognize the location that this was taken.

About the watermark, yea I know...its way to big. But the couple I was shooting this for has already cropped out my mark for their own benefit when I did their engagement pictures so I was making sure they wouldn't do it this time as well.

Thanks for the comments guys, glad it was fun for everyone!

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