DVD burning software for file backup?


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Jul 22, 2005
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Phoenix, AZ
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I desperately need to backup about 30Gb of photos, and CDs seems like a waste of time. $$ is somewhat of an issue right now, or i would just get another HD, but my computer has a DVD burner and I have DVDs, so why doesn't XP allow me to burn files onto a DVD like a CD??? Does anyone know of any cheap or freeware DVD burning software that won't crash my computer...?
Had a similar problem but a little different, I’m using Roxio to burn both CD & DVD, when writing to a DVD the program appears to be working find but near the end gives an error massage, asked a friend about this problem his response was that DVD writing requires heavy RAM use and some automatic program was likely interfering. Have not try writing a new DVD yet, but next time I am going unplug my DSL and turn off all extra programs and them give it a try. As for getting more HD that what I did, got a 300gb USB drive for geeks.com
You could buy a new hard drive for pretty cheap, try www.ebuyer.co.uk as they tend to be the cheapest supplier of PC stuff. I keep a hard drive back up as well as DVD back up as a DVD you want to keep will always end up getting damaged somehow (they're pretty delicate really). as for DVD burning, windows XP only supports CD writing, you could upgrade to the beta version of Vista which does DVD as well but it's a bit of hassle for a small problem. You can get DeepBurner which is a free DVD burning program, not as user friendly as Nero but still a very good program and it's free, you can download it here

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