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e type jag. One from the collection.


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Nov 5, 2008
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Warwickshire UK
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Very nice! What else do you have? Classics is my other hobby, I have 3 MGs and a Merc SLK. I've had a couple of Daimlers and a string of Triumphs.

I'm a Brit transplant to the States so I have a definite soft spot for the Brit iron.

And because this is a photo forum - nice angle and nice composition. :)

So, E-Types are not my field of expertise, is that the 4.2 or a V12? I'm guessing 4.2.
4.2 S1, Done abt 58000 from new, my dad has recently restored it after storing for over 30 yrs. He got it in 1973. We also have a 2 door MK 1 ford escort which is having a 2 Liter Pinto engine put in at the moment, and a MK2 Escort, original 2 door ghia. Also got a few bikes between us, FJ1200, 2 X cx500, Z1000. Dad also have a lotus exige, with supercharger. Thanks for the comment. And glad to hear you like the British stuff. Have a look at Jay Lenos garage, NOW he has a car collection!
I had a MK1 Escort, but that was back when it was just a cheap car that everybody had. It rusted out eventually but it did have a 1.6 X-flow engine and that was sold to power a race car.

Leno has a beautiful collection, he also like the smaller Brit stuff, he has a couple of MGs at least.

I'll be visiting the Cussler Museum in a couple of months, that is another very nice collection: Cussler Museum
ok, amazing car!

second...the retarded ads are covering up the image...its really starting to tick me off. I cant see the back 1/3 of the car and its even worse in the full view!
I wish I knew why that happened.....

I like the composition, maybe a tighter crop and a larger aperture to blur the backround to get the focus more on the car.

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