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Early Morning and some Falls

I like your first photo, the mist/fog and the lighting are very good. Where is that?
"Early morning" fascinates me and I wish I could see it larger!
If that were in my dentist's practise, I'd endure any treatment "just like that" by simply "diving into the picture"! It looks very soothing.

(I'm not saying this thing about the dentist's for mere fun, mind you: I never take any anaesthetics for whichever treatment - other than pulling but I haven't had any teeth pulled in ages, and those that had to come out were the wisdom teeth - but totally focus on something outside myself, often on pictures they got hanging there, imaginging myself inside the scene and contemplating views, details, close-ups that I might take a photo of if I really were there. So when I say a photo is good enough for my dentist's wall it means it's one to really dive into and get lost - or explore.)
They were both takin in Yellowstone National Park 2 weeks ago. The weather dropped significantly overnite from 80- 36 degrees. I was driving in the clouds and they began to clear once the sun came over the hills. There were Buffalo in the street walkin in the middle of the roadand I couldnt see them until about 10 feet away. It was right out of a dream. The 1st is at Mt. Haynes overlook. The second is the stram at Tower.
They are both wonderful, that first one especially.

I so want a fog picture in my collection with the sun coming up. I went out at sunrise to a local lake where there are many sailboats anchroed out in the water a little ways. It was VERY thick fog, it never didpersed and the sun never showed through. I waited, but nothing. Got some aokay shots in the end, will try again.

Anyway, lovely work!

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