Eastern Indigo


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Feb 15, 2019
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Central Florida (Ruskin area)
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My first capture of a snake and it's an Eastern Indigo Edit: I just found out it's more likely a Black Racer. (still a first) At first I was very careful because I thought it might be a cotton mouth but after further inspection at distance with the zoom I could tell it wasn't a pit viper. It's a very pretty snake and a protected species also. It's too bad I couldn't capture all of it (was in heavy weeds) to show the blue sheen often seen on the black scales in the right light. He didn't act skittish, I could tell he knew I was very close with his quick looks in my direction but he didn't flee, he just kept staring at something, probably food.


305 Water Snake (2) f.jpg
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Cool snake. I like snakes and have one at home, just a cornsnake.
I was expecting dull but I like the 2nd one very much.

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