Eating Out


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Dec 13, 2012
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Interesting. I like the differences in lighting and color in the two parts of the scene. The curves also contrast - the ones curving to the right in the right-middle of the frame and the man's back and the post on the other side. I might try cropping down the middle of the post on the left to accentuate its curvature and remove the light area upper left.
The left side of the image has a touch of film noir lighting to it. Nice.
Thanks Lew. It was late in the evening, about 10 pm, there is a dark pathway between two buildings, where you normally never meet people that late. And there was this guy , dressed well, eating something and staring into the darkness. There is a street full of lights and hotels and restaurants behind his back, - the whole scene was a bit spooky and surreal. I could not resist taking my camera out. He did not even notice me...The thing that you removed was a lamp post. I like your version.
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