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Oct 13, 2010
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Lethbridge, AB Canada
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Hey, I'm still fairly new to photography and this is my first time shooting something like this, let me know what you think.

And for longer exposures like this, how would I reduce lens flare?


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yeah hood kills the first shot. its too dark to get any engine detail and unless your engine has allot done to it might as well keep the hood shut and keep the lines looking good on the car. whenever i show my car i end up removing the hood entirely so it doesnt block the lines of the car itself. i like the second one. i migh have tried a few more shots with a slightly shorter shutter speed to get the car slightly more visable.

someone with more experience will have to speak up about reducing the lens flare.
I believe aperture has something to do with this. I am not 100% sure what aperture is best for reducing lens flare, I think you want to stop down. Hopefully someone with a good understanding on this subject will chime in.
thanks for the advice, I agree the hood should not be up

hopefully someone knows how to get rid of the lens flare though

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