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Sep 1, 2010
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Ok, so I've been fiddling with Photoshop trying to learn how to manipulate photos. I've used it for years but always for web design so I'm used to creating images instead of editing them. It's a hole different ball game!!

Anyways, I wanted something fun, so I took an old snapshot of my son and I found a tutorial on Pencil Portraits. I think it turned out really good. Question is... Is this something that can be offered to clients or is it a total no go? Do people actually buy (faked) pencil portraits or am I wasting my time learning this?

I think there are definitely a lot of parents out there that would appreciate this.

I should try this technique, I already have an idea of what photo would be complimented by its use as well, very exciting. Where'd you say you learned this from? .... You didn't say? Could you?
Youtube... lol. Just search "Photoshop Pencil Portraits". It's a VERY VERY simple process, and takes a whole 2-3 minutes to turn a regular old photo into a "pencil portrait".
Clients will buy what you can sell them.

Will it be a huge seller? I'm not sure. But if its something you are prepared to do, keep note of how to do it. I'd suggest trying the technique on different types of images with different exposures and such to see what the end result is.

Personally, I dont like them. They arent me. But I do know a few people who would like them.

I was walking in a mall a while back and remember seeing a photo booth that not only took your picture, but made pencil drawings of you. I guess there has to be some sort of market...
Oh yeah. I've seen those too at our mall. Like I said, someone will enjoy it....I know I did...but like Ice Cream...almost everyone has a favorite flavor...

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