Editing process to achieve these effects?

TPF rules prohibit posting images that aren't yours.
And TPF rules also prohibit posting the same exact thread in multiple forum sections. Actually the rules say you can post photos that aren't yours, if you have a valid use license from the copyright owner you can provide a copy of to TPF managment so their legal butt is covered (OCILLA statutes and US Federal Copyright law).

If you take those what seem from your post to be stolen photos down, and get links posted fast enough instead, maybe you won't get banned from TPF. ;)
Methinks the OP couldn't wait for an answer........ or else got skeered away.
Hey im sorry about breaking the rules ill change them to links :)
I don't see anything extraordinary there. Most likely just a camera, a lens, and a flash :)
I put up a better picture of what I want. You see what im talking about?
If you quit editing your original response, then the replies will make more sense.

The link that's in there now is not edited for that effect. It's just a shallow DOF using natural light.

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