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Jan 30, 2008
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Thank you!
If you are looking for something that looks like a zerox copy
I feel a connection between the subject and camera. Although portions of the face are blown, it pulls my eyes towards the subject's eye.
I don't mind the edit, but I don't like the shot. It feels uncomfortably close.
IMO, no and here is why I think that.
Almost every person expects some things from a picture - even a portrait
  • the important things will be in important places (usually at the junctions of the thirds line - there are lots of times when this isn't so but as a generalization, let's stay with it)
  • their eye will be attracted to the brightest color or the brightest white - and that will be an important thing or related to it.
  • if the picture is a portrait, they will want to see the eyes (again there are exceptions, but let's stick with eyes=important)
Although there are some strong lines in this photo, the eyes are well up almost to the margin and they are virtually indiscernible.
There are multiple very bright areas that pull one's eye but have no importance.
The things at the powerful points don't really contribute anything.

I'm not against any 'look' per se, but if the picture breaks the 'rules' of how people see things and tramples on their expectations, it has to have other structural elements that support what it is to make it a success- and unfortunately this picture doesn't have those.


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