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Nov 5, 2008
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Warwickshire UK
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I am considering getting Photoshop Elements 7.
I want to ask a couple of questions. I am uprading my laptop to 2gb of RAM but my processor is only 1.5Ghz. Has anyone run elements with this processor as I am thinking i may need 2Ghz
Also I am currently trying to learn a bit about GIMP, is elements a lot more useful than this?
GIMP is more powerfull than elements - however GIMP is less user friendly - its interface is less refined and more difficult to work with, thus it is not a popular choice even though it is free.

As for the running requirements you can get a demo of elements off the adob website so you can test the software for yourself. A good alternative to elements is Painshop Pro - its slightliy different in that elements is a hackedup version of full photoshop whilst paintshop is a full editing package on its own (its mostly comparable to elements in features but has some more complete tools where elements has had them limited so as not to challenge full photoshop sales)
Photoshop Elements should run just fine on the system you have..

Photoshop is a world standard now days, so enjoy and learn on Elements and you can always upgrade at a future time with little learning curve.

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