Elk Refuge, Jackson Hole Wyoming


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Jun 18, 2013
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South West Wyoming
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Guys-- I cannot even begin to describe the feeling of being so close to these amazing animals but I'm going to try.... In Jackson Hole, Wyoming, there is a National Elk Refuge for elk to winter in. They offer winter sleigh rides in a horse drawn sleigh, and are one of the only places where you can get this close to this many elk. It was amazing. We were maybe 10 feet away at max. I had my 70-200 2.8 and couldn't get a few shots because I couldn't get wide enough... imagine that! My photos don't do it justice, but I will share a few with you. I edited 15 and they are on my flickr feed... but here are a few for you to gander at. I think I was too overwhelmed with the experience to give the camera enough attention, so I missed a lot. C&C is welcome and appreciated.

10 by Amanda McClure, on Flickr

2 by Amanda McClure, on Flickr

15 by Amanda McClure, on Flickr

And lastly-- a photo of one of the sleighs.... not the best, because we were both moving:
1 by Amanda McClure, on Flickr
Beautiful elk!
We were out there a couple years ago in the fall, can't imagine getting that close!
It was kind of insane. I had to wait for them to move away at times so that I could get the shot.
Awsome, I love the second one!
Amanda, very nice. Having been close to them in the wild, I can appreciate the excitement you must have felt. You have some very nice pics on your Flickr site as well.

Love these! My step mom is from Jackson hole. I went there once as a kid and I remember seeing all the amazing wildlife there. My fave is #1 :)
Thanks everyone! It was definitely an experience that I recommend. My personal favorite is the first one... The light was just right. We didn't get home till about 11:30 pm because I insisted on the last ride of the day for that warm glow. I'm lucky that my husband indulges my photography whims.

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