Emotive portraits (Melli)


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Apr 8, 2009
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keep calm and spit in his drink when he’s not looking


My kindness has been mistaken for love.

after a spontaneous Battle Royale themed photoshoot for a design plate (we only had my camera, available light, and some props required for the plate), i took these photos of Melli, who, by then (and i think up to now) was going through a rough patch in her life. i experimented with two different color themes for each photo to intensify emotions.

(sorry for the watermark. these were posted first on my Tumblr blog)​
I like these photos alot good job.
I think focus was missed on the first one a tad. Still like the location and shot though.
Love the Shallow DOF on the second one but i wish I could see her eyes. Maybe have her look out the side or at least get her bangs out of there a little.
They are good shots although I am not convinced enough by them to see the emotive aspect.

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