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Apr 24, 2005
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Finally got my photos from Russia/Estonia scanned and on the web. Heres part 1:

Any coments - good or bad- are welcome. The pictures should link to my site where there is more information on each picture

(Psst: Raymond, Estonia is not Russia, but OK, Peter has been to both: Russia AND Estonia)

Wonderful light in the Tallinn-pics.
Must alert my sister to these. She's been there twice, too. Beautiful city, I would think (for my sister's many pics that I have seen and from yours here). Now that she's home from hospital, she might have the chance and time to come and look once again.
Thanks for all the coments. Like LaFoto said, these photos are from Estonia - we took the bus from Tallinn(the capital) to St. Petersburg. I'll put the pictures of St. Petersburg up soon.

The weather was freezing- Tallinn was only about -17 celcius but in St Petersburg it dropped to -22. Working a manual camera in that sort of temperature is challenging to say the least. The focus rings on my lens froze together between each picture and hands become numb in about 10 seconds.

Some of the photos are quite grainy, despite the fact they were shot on 100asa film, I'm not sure whether this was because of the cold weather or the many X Ray scanners they've been through.

The photos of Tallin give a bit of a misleading portrait of the city. The center of the city is very much a classic European city, with winding streets and towers, however most of the city is filled with tower blocks from the soviet occupation. This is the contrast I've tried to show in the last picture although admitedly it is hard to see in the small picture.


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