Etive in Spate

Lovely shot. The color of the water looks great and the way the water flows helps direct the eye.
But there is always a but. The tree like the other picture, it takes my attention and then the two bright areas in the bottom right corner and the top right corner.
But overall at good picture, the color really sets the mood. Great job.
Thanks, it was pretty cloudy that day so shooting lanscapes proved very difficult. i know what you mean about the white spots, the sky still buggs me. I ended up cropping most of the stones out at the botom rhs corner which is irritating to me as well. I might have a play about with the clone tool to get rid of that sky. It was a pretty cool spot with the converegenge of the waterfalls
5 shot panorama when I was in Glen Etive at the beginning of this month. The one up side was the snow melt gave the rivers a really lovely blue/green colour.River Etive in Spate by wee_pete, on Flickr

Very nice, and as you say the 'glacier' water gives a nice color contrast.
Great shot. Love how all the water flows into the river

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