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Sep 8, 2008
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The Great White North
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I live across the street from an old war hospital. It was basically where people from WWII and such would go once they came home if they were injured and required permanent care for the rest of their lives.
Alberta is a bit of a hub for the Canadian Forces, and as such one of their war hospitals was located right in the middle of downtown Calgary. The building had been around for over 60 years, and many of the people who had been staying there have sinced passed on. With real estate in Calgary going through the roof, the need for a bigger downtown emergency care facility, and dwindling residents the city finally decided to tear the place down.
I wish I had known this BEFORE I moved into my building across the street last Sept, because it has been a little noisy while they have been doing stuff. My apartment looks right onto the hospital site, and so I've had a great view of whats been going on, from the gutting of the interior to the tear down which is almost complete.
I still need to edit some of the first pictures of the building, so I'll add those later. But I thought I would share.
The actual physical teardown has taken less than 10 days. It should be leveled by tomorrow night when I get home...which will make for a nice new view.

The guy who gets to operate the excavator has one wicked job haha.

Taken back in Sept 2008, the building is dead center.

Last Friday was my day off....I woke up to what sounded like the end of the world.







All that's left is that small column where the fire exits are. Before this all started I tried doing some urban exploring in there late at night, but it was locked up pretty damn tight and there was a guy on patrol throughout the night. It was funny seeing him walk around inside the gutted building from across the street cause I could see his flashlight as he went onto the floors from my couch.

No idea what the plans for the site are long term, I'm thinking they will flatten it and leave it for a while.

When the teardown started all I had was a D40 with kit lens. Now i've got a D90 and a handful of lenses, including a 55-200mm which can actually capture some of the detail.
If you could get access to the area, I bet there are some amazing lines and textures around with all that rubble. On another note, the lens you shot the woman standing in the street makes her feet look like Shaq's.
You didnt happen to get a shot of the guy running the big excavator? We had an excavator like that here tearing down a building I know there are very few people that can run that particular excavator.

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