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May 25, 2003
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Bristol UK
Sorry I've not been around much recently, tended to be rather busy. After taking a large number of more traditional shots, and after it was completely dark I decided to experiment with just using a single candle night light as the light source for this. I used an exposure of 1 second at f 2.0 and then played with the result in photoshop to try to get the most pleasing results to my eye. The low temperature of the light left the image rather red so I decided to convert it to something approaching sepia. Any comments on the result?

I really like this shot. Looks like the photo itself is very old, not like a new shot that was converted to sepia to look old.

Nicely done! :D

Great job!
The subject is beautiful as well.
Thanks very much. I thought it was OK after I'd finished working on it but its always good to get a second opinion when experimenting. After all I'm hardly old enough to know what sepia should look like :D :wink:
I'm sorry MrSid but I won't be 54 until next month :wink:

The model's modeling name is ShadowJen. We got together for a TFP shoot. Did this late in the evening as much as a bit of fun as any serious expectation that it would make a good shot. The main theme of the shoot was based on pre-raphaelite art. Some of it very loosely. We also covered a couple of minor themes as well as this experimental shot.

I think my Pandora's Box is wonderful. But that could also be a very personal thing.

Hi Damien,
I wish I was 54 again!
That last shot "Pandora's Box" was absolutely great!
The model's wonderful, the background is perfect (Budleia isn't it?) and the whole color coordination is spot-on.
I'm not surprised you're happy with it, that's as professional as it gets.
Thanks. I think its Hebe (if thats the right spelling :? ). Its a smaller, tighter flower than Budleia (again not sure of the spelling :? ). My wife is the gardener. I just use her efforts as backdrops for a few of my photos. :D

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