Expodisc - is it worth it?


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Mar 19, 2006
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I'm having a terrible time with getting proper colours out of my camera. How are you doing it? I've been told white balance is the issue.

A colleague at work told me to look at the Expodisc and was dismayed to see the price. Why does this cost so much? Is it worth it? After searching on the net, it seems I'm not the only one shocked at the price. I ran across a thread in which an expodisc representative explains the high cost, but it's typical business speak:


Have any of you purchased this? For the price of a lens, is it worth it?
There are several ways around your problem. Most of them are based around the issue: colour. If you are often shooting under tungsten, then there are several ways to correct colour - take a custom WB reading, use a grey/white card for calibration or set the option in your WB and see if it works. If you shoot under a mixture of circumstances, then try perhaps RAW mode or a combination of the aforementioned techniques.

That thing appears to be about the same as a Skylight filter covered in rice paper. I would imagine you could achieve the same effect by gluing some thin bleached white paper over a cheapo filter and taking a custom WB.

EDIT: Actually having just read that thread, someone suggests exactly that - sandwich some coffee filter paper between two cheap UV filters!!


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